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Halloween is THE party night, and nothing completes the mood like a Terror Tune. Whether it's the tried-and-true party classic or an atmosphere-setting eerie instrumental, the best music for your Halloween is listed below. View the must-own collections of CDs to buy, an assortment of other killer tracks, and of course, some eerie sound effects to haunt your house.

My Scary Halloween Theme Song

Get your ghoulish party started with these awesomely wicked CDs and downloads. Some are out-of-print or hard-to-find, but worth tracking down (start with Amazon Marketplace or eBay).

Elvira presents
Haunted Hits

Sixteen absolute classic Halloween tunes by the original artists in a now out of print (but not impossible to find) cd. Amazon has used copies for under $5. If you only get one CD this is the one.

Halloween Hits
Ten essential party tunes in one easy to find collection under $10 – all featuring the original artists not those generic CDs that "reinterpret" the songs. Definitely more family-friendly than some other collections.

The Nightmare
Before Christmas

The 2006 2-CD reissue of Tim Burton's haunting tale is perfect holiday listening. From "This is Halloween" to "Oogie Boogie's Song" you can't miss and the second cd features new artists


New Wave Halloween
This CD collects a sampling of the best 80s new wave songs, along with six other songs – all titled Halloween – that range from goth to punk. It's curious and curiouser, and still the only place to find Creature with the Atom Brain!
Carnivale Arcane

Midnight Syndicate:
Carnival Arcane

These guys have been churning out great Halloween music for years, but never has a collection been so thematically concise, sophisticated and listenable. One of their best albums.

The Rocky Horror
Picture Show

Janet, Brad, and Dr. Franknfurter vamp it up in this 70s cult classic. I'm not sure how this became a Halloween staple, but Time Warp and Sweet Transvestite show up at every party.

Halloween Hootenanny
Rob Zombie and friends put together a fun, surfy, punky, and goofy tribute to the holiday. The standout track Halloween, She Get So Mean is a modern classic – and they just don't make good Halloween music anymore.

iTunes Essentials: Halloween
Download the best directly from this iTunes Store collection. The 75 tracks do push the limits of Terror Tune acceptability, but there's still a lot to love, even if there is still a lot missing. Damn you greedy record companies!!!
Crystal Theory

Crystal Theory:
Halloween Lounge

Not much is known about this UK jazzy group, but their breathy covers of classics like Mad World, Thriller, and the exceptional Don't Fear The Reaper are perfect for a low-key evening – pumpkin martini in hand, of course.

Captain Clegg and
the Night Creatures

The fictional band from Rob Zombie's Halloween II somehow managed to put together an album of rollicking, psychobilly music. Standout tracks include Zombie a Go-Go, the new classic, Dr. Demon & the Robot Girl, and Honky Tonk Halloween.

The Ultimate Rockin'
Halloween Party

This collection is billed as a collection of American Horror Songs 1930–1950s and it is a hoot. You can practically see the greasers bopping to this collection at the drive-in or malt shop.

Halloween at High Noon: Exhumed, The Hits
It seems High Noon Records specializes in mostly instrumental goth/industrial music and this is a sampling of their various releases. The results are uneven but nonetheless excellent background music for a party.


From 50s bop to 80s new wave, Halloween music has spawned a mausoleum's worth of one-hit wonders, party treasures, and some truly original terror tunes. To complete the experience of a Halloween party, you should also play eerie instrumentals in dark hallways, backyards, or darkened bathrooms to ensure your guests never feel completely at ease.
Retro Tunes Wicked 80s
Eerie Instrumentals
Featured Collections
The Addams Family
Vic Mizzy

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
The Tubes

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Lewis Lee

Bad Moon Rising
Creedence Clearwater Revival

The Blob
The Five Blobs

The Creature From The Black Lagoon
Dave Edmunds

The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Charlie Daniels Band

Halloween Spooks
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross

Haunted House
Jumpin' Gene Simmons

I Want To Be Evil
Eartha Kitt

I Was A Teenage Werewolf
The Cramps

It's Your Voodoo Working
Janiva Magness

The Purple People Eater
Sheb Wooley

Voodoo Voodoo
Lavern Baker

Witch Doctor
Sha Na Na

Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)
Concrete Blonde

Everyday is Halloween

Ray Parker Jr.

Ghost of Texas Ladies Man
Concrete Blonde

Siouxsie & the Banshees

I Want Candy
Bow Wow Wow

The Cure

Nature Trail To Hell
Weird Al Yankovic

Nightmare On My Street
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince

People Are Strange
Echo and the Bunnymen

Pet Sematary
The Ramones

Scary Monsters
David Bowie

The Phantom Of The Opera
Andrew Lloyd Webber

Somebody's Watching Me

Tubular Bells
Book of Love

Welcome To My Nightmare
Alice Cooper

Weird Science
Oingo Boingo

Horror Movies
iTunes Essentials

Theme form "Beetlejuice"
Danny Elfman

Theme from "Dracula"
John Williams

"The Flying Dutchman"
Mannheim Steamroller

Theme from "Friday The 13th, Part 3"
Harry J. Manfredini

Hall Of The Mountain King
Mannheim Steamroller

Theme from "Halloween"
John H. Carpenter

"Night On Bald Mountain"
Modest Mussorgsky

"The Amityville Horror"
Motion Picture Soundtrack

Theme from "The Shining"
Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice"
Mannheim Steamroller

Theme from "The Exorcist/Tubular Bells"
Michael Oldfield

Theme from the "Twilight Zone"
Neil Norman

Theme from "The X-Files"
Mark Snow

"Psycho" Suite
Elmer Bernstein

Theme from the "Nightmare on Elm Street"
Charles Bernstein

Welcome to the Horror Show
Sam Haynes


Way of the Wicked
Halloween at High Noon

Evil Dead (2013)
Original Soundtrack

Nightmare Night
Dark Asylum

Monsters of Legend
Midnight Syndicate

Mondo Zombie Boogaloo
The Fleshtones, Southern Culture on the Skids, and Los Straight Jackets

Halloween Hullabaloo
A Spooktacular Muscial Review

Halloween's Gravest Hits
by Various Artists

Spooky Halloween Hits
Golden Records

Halloween Haunts
The Howler

Sharon Needles