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My Scary Halloween is your wicked guide for a frightful night! Halloween is the darkest night of the year when wicked witches, grotesque ghouls, and frightful figments of the imagination terrify the young and the old with dreadful dreams and haunting visions. Step into my dark realm and let me guide you through the most scary movies, dreadful decor, bewitching books and so much more of the macabre. So, you want to see something scary? Proceed if you dare!

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The Hauntsville is a frightful place of horrors – in a small scale. Wander through the galleries, how-tos, and more on the Halloween Village page.

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Scary Movies
Watch a scary movie and ignore the creepy noises in the attic.
Haunted Places
Stroll through an old cemetery at dusk and look for shadows.
Terror Tunes
Plan a party and play the some wicked terror tunes.
Eerie Parties
Attend séance but careful what you bring home.
Eerie Parties
Take photos of ghosts and haunt social media.
Pumpkin Arts
Carve wicked faces into a pumpkin and light it up.
Eerie Parties
Stare into a mirror and repeat Bloody Mary three times.
Eerie Parties
Bake some witch finger cookies and treat your friends.
Eerie Parties
Try to make contact with the other side on a Ouija board.
Dreadful Decor
Haunt your yard and prepare to scare the trick 'r treaters.
Pumpkin Arts
Head to your local farm for pumpkin chunkin' fun.
Eerie Parties
Have your tarot cards read and take a peak into the future.
Bewitching Books
Relax with a scary book and a rotten apple martini.
Halloween History
Reflect on the terrifying ancient traditions on Samhain.
Costume Crypt
Make your own scary costume for Halloween.