Exit Gallery

October 2008. The all villians (and no heroes) party drew an interesting bunch of costumes from evil clowns and bananas to unrecycled trash. This is to be our last party in San Jose.

The Invitation

Calling all spirits

The ghost of Dr. Phil

Mary Kay lurks

The undead look on

The boo-fet

The anti-social corner

Frosty nipples on the patio

All dolled up...

...but refusing to socialize with anyone.

Troy as Unrecycled Trash

I'm killing the planet!

Evil Banana and her bro.

A lovely toe meat pie

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Black Widow-Vampyre

Evil Clown terrorizes Troy

Jerry as grumpy Mr. Buzzkill

Eddie Scissorhands lives

Mike's amazing nightmare treat

Luchador likes bananas

Troy is all smiles

Mommies and Daddies


The lovely Kristy and Chris

That darn banana again

Dr. Phil knows what your problem is

The blaring horn never stopped all night

Mommie Dearests


Your fear of clowns is ridiculous.

Show me your strawberry, shortcake

Table action

Cartman, Stud, and Stud Finder!

Craig, is that my French silk pillow?

Best in Show

Evil comes close

Group shot one

Group shot two Exit Gallery