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The chill of an Autumn night makes a retreat to the Haunted Library a welcomed relief. Sitting by the fireplace with the warming flames crackling and dancing, I long to read some forgotten tome, and remember Halloweens past. I am surrounded by a vast collection of dusty, bewitching books, and while they are not all strictly Halloween related, many offer frightful chills, paranormal visions, and insights into the horrors of TV and screen. Please browse my shelves, and get a taste of terror that awaits.

Read about haunted places, curses, and ghost hunting.

Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places

by Brad Steiger
(Visible Ink Press, 2003)
Encyclopedia of the supernatural with truly frightening photos.

Haunted Places

by Dennis Hauck
(Penguin, 2002)
A directory of supernatural locations, with listings from ghosts to UFO landings.

Weird Hauntings

by Joanne Austin
(Sterling, 2006)
Chock-full of stories of real haunted places, with many pictures to set the scene.

Encyclopedia of Haunted Places

by Jeff Belanger
(New Page, 2005)
A thorough ghost hunter's directory of allegedly haunted locales complete with addresses and phones.

Illustrated History of the Haunted World

by Jason Karl
(Barnes & Noble, 2007)
A smorgasbord of hauntings, spirit photos, and Hollywood curses.

The Ghost Chaser Chronicles

by Paul Keen
(Barnes & Noble, 2006)
Ghost hunting book with tools of the trade and many personal accounts of the supernatural.

Ghosts Caught on Film, Vol. 1 & 2

by Melvyn Willin
(David & Charles, 2007/09)
Eerie photos of haunted places and their twisted stories.

If you loved the movie, you'll love the behind-the-scenes look at these scary movies.

Trick 'r Treat: Tales of Mayhem, Mystery & Mischief

by Michael Dougherty
(Insight, 2008)
Amazing companion to the movie features great illustration, stills and even Halloween facts.

Nightmare Before Christmas: The Film, The Art, The Vision

by Frank Thompson
(Disney, 1993)
Overviews the classic movie from concept to execution – a must for any fan.

The Art and Making of Paranorman

by Jed Alger
(Chronicle, 2012)
An exhaustive look at the craftsmanship that went into making the movie. This hardcover, glossy book is a testament to the excellent movie!

Frankenweenie: A Visual Companion

by Mark Salisbury
(Disney, 2012)
A 256-page deluxe hardcover art and making of book for the upcoming Tim Burton film.

Corpse Bride
: An Invitation to a Wedding
by Mark Salisbury
(Newmarket, 2005)
Now out-of-print but excellent companion and making of the Tim Burton movie.

The Art and Making of Monster House

by J.W. Rinzler
(Insight, 2006)
Massive book companion features amazing insight into the ground breaking movie.

The Haunted Mansion
by Jason Surrell
(Disney, 2003)
Released with the so-so film, the majority of the book overviews the history of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion ride.

Coraline: A Visual Companion

by Stephen Jones
(It Books, 2009)
This making of features comparison with the book, a study of the characters and plenty of stills - with a few behind the scenes.

Cabin in the Woods: The Official Visual Companion
(Titan, 2012)
by Joss Whedon & Drew Goddard
Half-interview, half-screenplay, and chock-full of stills, including an extensive gallery of the beasts.


These are indispensable guides to scary movies and horror culture.

How to Survive a Horror Movie

by Seth Grahame-Smith
(Quirk, 2007)
A very fun read about what to do if you find yourself in a horror movie.


by Jovanka Vuckovic
(St. Martins, 2011)
40 years of zombies in pop culture are reviewed by the former editor of Rue Morgue.

The Monster Show
by David J. Skal
(Faber & Farber, 2001)
In depth and fun exploration of horror movies with ties to socioeconomic and cultural phases.

Monster Parties and Games

by Chris Kullstroem
(McFarland, 2009)
Monster movie fanatics step inside your favorite horror, science fiction, and dark comedy films.

VideoHound's Horror Show

by Mike Mayo
(Visible Ink, 1998)
A thorough encyclopedia of some of the best, weirdest, and nontraditional horror movies.

Book of Lists: Horror!

by Wallace, Bradley, Howison
(Harper Collins, 2008)
A factoid book of horror-related lists – an obsessive compulsive's nirvana!

Fangoria: 101 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen

by Adam Lukeman
(Three Rivers, 2003)
A guide to lesser known flicks that's both informative and entertaining for hardcore fans.

Horror Poster Art

By Tony Norumand and Graham March
(Aurum, 2004)
A rich collection of 80 years of movie posters with descriptions of the cultural settings.


Some artists are haunted year-round and these books are the proof.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

by Irving/Gris Grimly (Atheneum, 2007)
The perennial story gets a spooky rendering by Gris Grimly.

Tales of Mystery and Madness

by Poe/Gris Grimly (Atheneum, 2004)
Fascinating illustration breathes new life into Poe's classics stories.

Tales of Death and Dementia

by Poe/Gris Grimly (Atheneum, 2009)
Gris Grimly's second take on Poe is darker and even more frightful.

How To Cook Children
by Martin Howard & Colin Stimpson (Pavilion, 2009)
Whimsically grim and engrossing kids book with brilliant illustrations by Colin Stimpson.

The Art of Tim Burton

by Tim Burton
(Steeles, 2009)
Massive collector's edition of Burton's unique illustration

Beasts, Vol. 1 & 2
by Jacob Covey
(Fantagraphics, 2006)
An impressive A-to-Z catalog of monsters with bios and artfully drawn illustrations – Superb!

Atrum Secretum

by Gris Grimly
(Baby Tatoo, 2011)
Get a peak inside the brain of Gris Grimly in this fascinating diary & sketchbook.

Visions of Heaven and Hell

by Clive Barker
(Rizzoli, 2005)
Gothic collection of drawings and paintings from the truly twisted mind that brought us Hellraiser.

Awful Homesick: The Art of Alex Pardee

by Daniel M. Davis
(Upper Playground, 2008)
Whimsical and grotesque illustration from a modern Dali.

Wicked Plants

by Amy Stewart
(Algonquin, 2009)
Fascinating and beautifully illustrated hardcover book about the most vile plants

Wicked Bugs

by Amy Stewart
(Algonquin, 2011)
Follow up book with same attention to detail - it will also make your skin crawl.

The Haunted Realm

by Simon Marsden
(Little, Brown & Co, 1998)
Eerie photos of haunted places and their twisted stories.

Ghostly Ruins

by Harry Skrdla
(Princeton, 2006)
Mostly a picture book of ruins with historical commentary - surely they're haunted, right?


by Gilles Neret
(Taschen, 2006)
Companion book features more vintage images centered on dark, wicked figures.


by Noah Scalin
(Lark Books, 2008)
This artist crafted a skull from a variety of materials every day for a year! Very ingenious!

The Book of Skulls
by Faye Dowling
(Laurence King, 2011)
This curious art book takes a look at the skull in many, many mediums.


Great titles for parents who want to share the whimsical, wicked fun with their kids.

Paper Crafts for Halloween

by Randael McGee
(Enslow, 2012)
Great for elementary age kids seeking holiday craft ideas.

A Halloween Treat

by Edward Gorey
(Bloomsbury, 2012)
A delightful double dose of the late illustrator's unpublished work for youngsters and fans alike – more whimsical than sinister.

After Halloween

by Daniel M. Davis
(Steam Crow, 2007)
Charming children's books of what monsters do for a living the rest of the year.

Thirteen O'clock
by James Stimson
(Chronicle, 2005)
Creepy kid's book with many monsters hiding in dark places.

The Graveyard Book

by Neil Gaiman
(Harper, 2008)
Magical tale of boy raised by ghosts from the author of Coraline - a new classic with exquisite illustrations.